It Is I

You start off with the best of intentions to get a blog post out before Christmas and then life seems to get in the way. Somehow or other I've managed to strain my ankle again. So I've not been out much taking photographs and as a knock on effect I now seem to be having... Continue Reading →

Gronant Dunes

Well it's been a busy old week and a sharp learning curve for me as well. First of all I had a problem with my camera which took me ages to resolve, but hopefully that's sorted. Then probably the biggest step I have taken with my photography since I changed from Pentax and moved to... Continue Reading →

Talacre Dunes

Another post, using the new theme and the WordPress servers to host the photographs. Most comments said everything was OK but “It’s Just A Theory” reported having problems displaying the photographs. So could you please check and let me know if the images are displaying with the post and that you don’t have to click... Continue Reading →

High Tide 12:04 PM 8.83 Metres

I want to show you a photograph. It’s of our local beach when the tide is out…and why would I want to do this? Because I’m now going to show you another photograph when the tide is in. This week sees higher tides than normal hitting our coastline, here in North Wales. Todays high tide... Continue Reading →

52 in 2015 Week 32 Panorama

This weeks challenge is to create a panorama. Luckily the latest release of Lightroom CC has a new feature which allows for the easy creation of panoramas. Talacre Beach with the lighthouse and sand dunes is an ideal location to create a panorama. I can stand on the high sand dunes and photograph about 4... Continue Reading →

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