Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

I’ve been experimenting with long exposures this week by sticking a 10 Stop ND Filter on the front of my lens. These filters are almost black and cut down the amount of light reaching the sensor which means you have to keep the shutter open longer to capture the same amount of light. For example,... Continue Reading →

Pentax K-30 Low Light

  The Pentax K-30 is really starting to impress me. I was walking back up from the beach having just completed a sunset shoot, you can see that here, and decided to stop off and photograph these buildings. I'm still experimenting with the K-30 and by now the available light was getting pretty low. Normally... Continue Reading →

Pentax K-30 & Sigma 150-500mm Lens

I was at Conwy RSPB Reserve today carrying out some tests of my new Pentax K-30 with the big zoom lens. The weather wasn't great with a threat of rain and I could see it was already raining over the mountains in Snowdonia. The RSPB reserve is a natural haven for  wild birds, so it's... Continue Reading →

St Hilary’s Chapel – Denbigh

The tower and a short section of wall is all that remains of a medieval chapel of ease dedicated to St Hilary, built into the late 13th century town walls of Denbigh. The chapel was created sometime around 1300 as a depency of Whitchurch just over a mile to the east. The chapel would have been... Continue Reading →

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is located on Mews Road in Fremantle , Western Australia. The Fishing Boat Harbour was originally the site of just a single jetty. The fishermen would unload their catch at the end of the jetty, ready for sale at the local fish market. Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour also offers restaurants,... Continue Reading →

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