Oops! I Forgot

It’s 4;30 pm on a cold Tuesday afternoon, here in the UK. I’m sitting at my computer when it struck me. I haven’t submitted anything for this weeks challenge. Although to be fair, I’ve been busy testing new software and working on a new project. Now here’s the other thing, I haven’t taken any photographs,... Continue Reading →


Discover–A Time To Catch Up

My mailbox is full. Just under 400 messages from WordPress in the space of a couple of days with comments on “It’s A Kind Of Magic” and new followers to “Say It With A Camera”. It’s going to take me some time to catch up with all of your comments and have a look at... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

Goodness me! I’m early. For weeks I have been completing the challenge post late on a Friday afternoon but this week I finally have some time to get on with it. So here goes. Spring is my favourite time of the year, more so than summer so let’s start with a nice Spring photograph. Daffodils... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

For this weeks challenge photograph I’m doing a bit of lateral thinking, or, maybe I’m just trying to make a photograph fit the theme again. There has been a reasonably heavy fall of snow in the Snowdonia National Park but with strong winds a lot has blown off the upper parts of the mountains meaning... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 12

I can’t believe we are at Week 12 already, time seems to be passing so fast. This photograph was taken yesterday (21 March) at about 16:15. We were on our way back from the National Slate Museum and decided to detour to Llyn Ogwen to see if there was any good landscapes worth photographing. There... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 4

As I spent this week trying to capture some photographs with snow in them I suppose I really should include a snow photograph. Well almost. The snow is evident but I really wanted to concentrate on the photographer whom I met whilst I was at Llyn Ogwen. Despite the fact that it was cold and... Continue Reading →

In Search Of Snow

As you will have previously read from my articles “On the Beach”  and “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond”  I've been bemoaning the lack of snow here in my little part of North Wales. I mean, why should everyone else have fun, taking photographs in the snow, and uploading them to various “Show Us Your Snow Photographs”... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Despite dire warnings from the Met Office, our little part of North Wales did not experience the heavy fall of snow predicted. Instead we can be thankful to only experience a light dusting of the white stuff. In other countries when it snows it’s not a big talking point, but for some reason, here in... Continue Reading →

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