Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

In all the time I have been writing for “Say It With A Camera” I’m pretty certain that I’ve only ever used my photographs for the Weekly Challenges. After all that’s what the blog was about. To show you my photographs and tell you about them. Over the years I have used lots of photographs,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Interesting choice for this weeks theme. To show photographs that make you Happy and combine them with the new gallery feature from WordPress. I've never used the gallery, for two reasons; It was unwieldy and I didn't particularly like the block layout I use Windows Live Writer and host my images on Flickr rather than... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

In 2002 the idea of a Nobel Square was initiated by the then Premier of the Western Cape, Ebrahim Rasool. The idea was to honour South Africa's four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for the role they played in achieving peace and democracy. Each one at a different time in history. Four sculptures now stand in the form of a crescent with... Continue Reading →

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