Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

This weeks challenge photograph or should I say Digital Art is a composite made from several photographs, textures and text layers. Winter is a coming in and during the winter months I usually end up creating several pieces of art work sometimes from my own photographs and textures or from freely available stock. As usual... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 24

I wouldn't exactly say this is one of my best shots as required by the weekly challenge. In fact it was a desperation grab of an idea I had been playing around with. During Week 24 I had been really busy with little or no time to get out and about for some photography. Just... Continue Reading →

Free Textures

In previous blog posts I have published links to textures that I have made free for use. All of these textures were stored on FileFactory but unfortunately the new T&C's on FileFactory mean that if a link is not accessed for 90 days it is deleted. Therefore, I have moved all of the textures to... Continue Reading →

Photo A Day August – 4th

Quite often when I am putting together a piece for digital artwork I will use an HDR to create the base image for the final artwork. In this image I have taken a 5 exposures @ 1 Ev bracketing and combined them using Unified Color's HDR Express. Usually when I am creating something like this I am quite aggressive with... Continue Reading →

My “Old Boots”

How can anyone write about a pair of boots? I mean what's so interesting about them? Nothing really...but there again this post was never about the boots, more about the technique I used to get the final image. In my garage I have a table with a large black sheet behind it which serves as... Continue Reading →

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