Underground, Did I See Anything in Budapest?

I’ve just got back from a short trip to Budapest and am still looking at all of the photographs I have taken there. But as this is Wednesday and it’s almost time for a new challenge I’ll just include a couple of quick photographs from the trip. First up is this one of a tunnel... Continue Reading →

Paul’s Photo Challenge: Make You Smile

Vehicle registration plates are the mandatory number plates used to display the registration mark of a vehicle, and have existed in the United Kingdom since 1904. It is compulsory for most motor vehicles used on public roads to display them. The current system for Great Britain was introduced on 1 September 2001. Each registration index... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

When I’m out for the day on a photography trip lunchtime is one of those points in the day that I always aim to take. As a lot of my photography is landscapes I can just sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery whilst eating my lunch. However this trip was different. Two weeks ago I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

The more I thought about this weeks challenge the more I thought, “how am I going to fill this weeks brief?” I’m not paparazzi. I don’t do many photos of people and those that I do are nothing fantastic. I have a vast library of photographs I have taken, all catalogued and tagged but could... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 5

Typical, you wait a long time for a bus and then three number 7’s turn up at the same time…and it sort of like that this week on Mike Hardisty Photography. I’ve been quiet all week and now I’m posting another article only just having finished the Weekly Photo Challenge. As you probably know by... Continue Reading →

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