T-Mobile Royal Wedding

Well it had to happen. Another video from T-Mobile, this time spoofing the forthcoming Royal Wedding. Quite funny really but it is an amazing method of viral advertising 2,576,973 hits on Youtube since it's release on the 15th of April. Anyway if you haven't seen it, here's the video Related Articles Video: Royal Wedding Dance... Continue Reading →

Olive Brindley Johnson (Doyle or Hardisty)

You could argue, "What's this got to do with photography"? My answer would be "absolutely nothing" but there's still a mystery surrounding my great-grandmother and I'll use any medium to try and solve it. My great-grandmother, Olive Brindley Johnson, was a bit of an enigma. She was born in 9th January 1869 in Hackney, Middlesex,... Continue Reading →

Olive Brindley Johnson (Hardisty or Doyle)

My great grandmother, Olive Brindley Johnson, was a bit of an enigma. She was born in 9th January 1869 in Hackney, Middlesex and for the times she came from a reasonably well to do family. Her father, William Johnson was a shoe manufacturer with staff working for him, including servants. When Olive was 19 she married my great... Continue Reading →

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