St John’s Ysbyty Ifan

Ysbyty Ifan is a small but historic village and community in Conwy County Borough, Wales. Nearly all the population speak Welsh. Ysbyty Ifan, until 1189, was known as Dôl Gynwal. Then, it came to the attention of the Knights of St John, who set up a hospice. The church marks the spot where the old... Continue Reading →

Croeso i Gymru

Wales has a distinctive culture including its own language, customs, holidays and music. In reality though, Wales is a country with two languages, Welsh and English, with English being the dominant language in most parts of the country. The presence of English in Wales intensified on the passing of the Laws in Wales Acts of... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 14

Ynys Llanddwyn or Llanddwyn Island is a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey, North Wales. The nearest town is Newborough. Most of the time the island remains attached to the mainland at all but the highest tides. From the island there are magnificent views of Snowdonia and the Llŷn Peninsula. Yesterday I... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 11

Funny old week so far. I’m still experimenting with the new lens, the weather has been very deceiving, looks sunny but is bitterly cold, and I’m sitting here wondering what to talk about it. I don’t really know what this sculpture is called. There’s another one, not more than 50 metres away and that’s called... Continue Reading →

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