Danger Sinking Mud

Weston-super-Mare has some great sandy beaches, but venture beyond the signs in this image and you could soon find yourself stuck in thick cloying mud. Owing to the large tidal range in the Bristol Channel, the low tide mark in Weston Bay is about a mile from the seafront and this low tide uncovers areas of thick mud, hence the colloquial... Continue Reading →

Knightstone Island

I know I've shown images of Knightstone Island before but this is slightly different. It's from Knightsone Island looking along the causeway towards Dauncys Hotel. Knightstone Island historically housed a theatre, swimming pool and sauna. After years of disrepair and dereliction, the area was redeveloped by Redrow Homes. During 2006/2007, luxury apartments were built on the site. At high... Continue Reading →

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