If you are like me and use a combination of Windows Live Writer and Flickr to write and store your blog photographs I have some good news for you. Tim Heuer has updated his excellent WLW plugin called Flickr4Writer to take account of the new API restrictions imposed by Flickr and he has also now... Continue Reading →

I Need Your Help – Photograph Test

I’m hoping you can help me here. When I ran the post about Topaz ReStyle,  Adrian Pym was kind enough to point out that the photographs looked pixellated and noisy when viewed in the WordPress Reader. I had to agree with him, they were terrible. Previously I have used Flickr to host my images but... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Interesting choice for this weeks theme. To show photographs that make you Happy and combine them with the new gallery feature from WordPress. I've never used the gallery, for two reasons; It was unwieldy and I didn't particularly like the block layout I use Windows Live Writer and host my images on Flickr rather than... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  This is a first for me. I’m using Picasa Web Albums to store my blog photographs. Previously I’ve always used Flickr and my ISP gave me a free Pro Account for as long as I stayed with them. But that contract has now expired and I’ve found a better alternative. Unfortunately, no Pro access... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

    How appropriate that this weeks challenge is “Near and Far”. At the moment I am sitting by the riverside writing this article off-line using Windows Live Writer. It’s a beautiful sunny day, quite hot, there are dragonflies and honey bees flying near me. I feel near to nature, and yet, it’s not peaceful.... Continue Reading →

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