Weekly Photo Challenge

Earlier this year I started taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenge sponsored by WordPress

Here’s how the weekly photo challenge works:

1. Each week, on a Friday, the folks at WordPress provide a theme for creative inspiration. I take photographs based on my interpretation of the theme, and post them on my blog anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme is announced.

2. To make it easy for others to check my photos, I title my blog post “Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)” and use a “postaday2011″ or “postaweek2011″ tag.

3. I also subscribe to The Daily Post so that I don’t miss out on the weekly challenge announcements.

If you want to give it a go follow the link above to the Daily Post

As the front page of my blog was getting too full with previous weekly posts I have moved the links to here to try and tidy things up a bit

  • The Donkey Said “What’s Behind Me” - Last Saturday was Prestatyn’s annual carnival day and amazingly in the seven years I have lived here I’ve never attended. So with the challenge this week being unusual, I thought there might be a good photo opportunity.. How wrong I was. First of all there were loads of children in the floats and also in […]
  • Another Great Sunset - I just knew it was going to happen, a great sunset. You could see the way the clouds were forming that it might be worth taking a trip down the beach. So when the Prestatyn and District Camera Club finished last night I headed straight down there. Not Talacre this time just our local beach. […]
  • Fire In The Sky - Don’t you just hate it. I started to write this post and then got side-tracked into doing something else. The result is as you can guess, I lost it all. For some reason, Windows Live Writer didn’t do it’s normal auto-recovery so I’m starting again. That’s if I can remember what I originally wrote. Last […]
  • A Bit Of Everything This Week - I sometimes wonder what the guys who dream up the WordPress Weekly Challenge themes are on. So they take a photograph, dream up some vague relationship to time passing and then name the theme Delta. Seriously! So here’s my alternative. By the way, if you want to see a larger version of any photograph, just […]
  • On The Beach - I used to like walking on the beach, I still do, but I probably don’t take as many photographs as I used to. The beach at Weston and Uphill was particularly good for finding things washed up on the beach. Weird shaped tree trunks were my favourite to photograph. But for some reason you don’t […]
  • So Much Promise…But - Last night I was in town for our camera club meeting. During a short break for coffee we all stepped outside the building to get a breath of fresh air to be met with this glorious pattern in the sky. Just too good to missed and suddenly a load of photographers are diving for their […]
  • Death By Slideshow! - Last Saturday was a really hot day, well for the UK and North Wales it was. Out in the open my car recorded a temperature of 95oF or 35oC. Too hot for a peely wally Scot like me. But I didn’t care I was indoors suffering “death by slideshow” as I watched the judging for […]
  • It’s All A Blur - Another one of those weeks when the challenge title can mean so much, depending on how you interpret it. Yes, you can always go with the guidelines laid down in the challenge but that’s all too easy sometimes. Besides, you  know me, I don’t always follow the challenge guidelines. But this week, I’m going to […]
  • An Apology - It’s more than likely that you received a Temporary Post from me on Thursday as a result of me changing the theme I use for Say It With A Camera. Regular readers will know that I use Windows Live Writer to write my blogs and when WLW adopts the new theme it sometimes sends out […]
  • Order, Order, Order - I was thinking about what to do with this weeks challenge, probably far too long, here we are Tuesday afternoon and I still haven’t written anything. But regular readers will know that I’m often on the last-minute. Right now I’m starting to prepare for a talk I’m due to give next month about wildlife and […]
  • Billy No Mates - Long time readers will know that I’m an avid fan of Ansel Adams. Sitting on my desk right now is a book called “Ansel Adams 400 Photographs”,  I’ve read it cover to cover, or to be more accurate, I’ve looked at every one of the 400 photographs included in the book. Several times over. I […]
  • Brest, An Unexpected Stopover - So there we were happily sailing across the Bay of Biscay doing about 19 knots. I’m sitting in the 800 seat theatre and I can feel a definite list on the ship. We are changing course, I can’t see it, but I can feel it. There’s been a medical emergency and we have to turn […]
  • I Want To Paint My Door… - I’m back. Just had a really good break cruising to The Canaries, Madeira, Portugal and Spain. Oh! And an unexpected stop at Brest in France. More on that later. Whilst I was away I shot 1793 photographs, a mixture of architecture, flora and fauna, landscapes, people and anything else that caught my eye. C’mon I’m […]
  • I Have The Wanderlust – Do You? - I was born and raised in a big industrial city, near the shipyards on the River Clyde. Yet, by the time I reached 16 I had visited, thanks to a great educational program part funded by the City of Glasgow, some exotic an exciting places. The Azores.Canary Islands, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Corsica and Malta. […]
  • The Earth Is Art, The Photographer Is Only A Witness….. - So said Yann Arthus-Bertrand  in his book: “Earth from Above, Third Edition” and I tend to agree. So this week come with me to Big Pool Wood and Talacre Beach to see what I have witnessed. Big Pool Wood is a small nature reserve managed by the North Wales Wildlife Trust. Despite its name the […]
  • Wednesday to Wednesday – Who Thought That One Up? - I really do not like this new schedule for the Weekly Challenge. Does anyone else? So once again I have to go with a little post because I’ve not got enough photographs. This is a Brown Rat. It showed no fear and as bold as brass it kept coming out in front of me as […]
  • A Mixed Bag This Week - A bit of a mixed bag this week for the challenge. It’s strange how we all interpret a theme differently but this is how I see security. Weston-super-Mare has some fantastically wide and long beaches but it has one major failing. The tide goes out such a long distance and after the sand ends horrible […]
  • It’s Saturday–Time For Black And White - The last three weeks have been pretty hectic with not much time for photography. A quick trip to Big Pool Wood and Talacre lighthouse to test the new camera and last Saturday I managed to arrange a day In Chester to take some photographs….and as usual the best laid plans etc. It was raining, dark […]
  • Push The Boat Out - I’m still struggling with the new schedule for the Weekly Photo Challenge. It just does not fit with my weekly schedule and so this week I’ve got a bit of a mixed bag for you. I don’t know which is the more predominant colour here, that bright orange or the even brighter green of the […]
  • Upstairs, Downstairs Part 2 - Better late than never as they, although due to circumstances beyond my control I had to delay writing this post. Now that I’ve finished the unexpected re-decoration of our bedroom at home I can finally get around to writing this post. Sage green, nice colour, once you get used to it. Continuing the story of […]
  • Upstairs, Downstairs Part 1 - The year is 1812, Thomas Noel Hill, 2nd Lord Berwick of Attingham, aged 42, has brought his new wife Sophia Dubochet, a courtesan, aged 18, to his stately home Attingham Park in Shropshire. Like many large houses of the time there was a fashionable distinct split of the state rooms into male and female sides. […]
  • From Instagram: This is driving me crazy. I’m trying to integrate IFTTT to my Instagram Account with the idea of one post will cover all, at least for when i want to just do a quick post to Facebook or my blog on WordPress. Anyway this is the Berlin Dom which sits beside the River Spree #wp, #Berlin, #River Spree, #Berlin Dom - on Instagram: http://ift.tt/2mc1x6P
  • No Entry - Sometimes you just get lucky and find a potential subject to photograph without even thinking about it. But you have to have your camera with you to get that photograph, although nowadays, that’s not too hard, as most people who have a cell phone have a camera with them.  According to Mylio ….it’s estimated that […]
  • Lone-Tree - A lone tree on the side of a hill near Llyn y Dywarchen See it here: http://flic.kr/p/StvztZ
  • Lone-Tree - A lone tree on the side of a hill near Llyn y Dywarchen See it here: http://flic.kr/p/StvztZ


  1. Some great stuff here Mike. I’d love for you to throw your hat into the ring for my maiden challenge? As you liked the post I just thought I’d offer.


    • I see what you mean Jan. That code for that page need tidying because it is now including every article that I publish, instead of just displaying the Weekly Challenges. Previously I used to title the posts “Weekly Photo Challenge:Subject” but on the recommendation of WordPress I stopped using that format, mainly because it clashed with everyone else using the same title and basically I thought the post title style was boring. However I could incorporate in the opening text the date somewhere.


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