Copyright – Read This

Over the years I have flicked between copyrighting my photographs and assigning a Creative Commons License. This has meant confusion for readers as to whether or not they can use one of my photographs.

To clarify the situation I have decided that as of today 02 Jan 2016 all photographs by Mike Hardisty will have a Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Licence
This work by Mike Hardisty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Real Legal Stuff means that you can use my photographs for web pages such as blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, etc., even creating derivatives but you must attribute me if you use the photograph. For example if you use one of my photographs in your blog or web page  here is how you could attribute it;

Talacre Lighthouse by Mike Hardisty is licensed CC BY-NC 4.0

Now this is really important Legal Stuff. If you choose to use my photographs and not attribute me then the CC license terminates automatically because its conditions are violated. What this means is you are now using copyright work which is protected by United Kingdom and International Copyright Laws and Treaties without permission. In this case I will invoke copyright of my photographs and seek substantial penalties for infringement.

However, if you fix the violation within 30 days then you as the licensee of my work automatically gets the Creative Commons rights back. That’s real heavy Legal Stuff….

The Creative Commons License that I have assigned to my photographs does not allow use of them for commercial purposes. To inquire about the use of any photograph, please contact me using the email address embedded in the EXIF data of the photograph, or through the Contact Page on this blog.

As far as I possibly can I will respect your Trademark/Copyright and will never knowingly use it on “Say It With A Camera”. If other websites links to/from “Say It With A Camera” and use your material, chase them using your own Legal Stuff.



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