A New Blog Domain

Have you seen the announcement last week from WordPress that we can now have .blog subdomains. They have reserved 28 subdomains including art, health, politics, travel, there’s even one for photography with a .photo.blog. That’s really good, but the downside is you need to create a new blog.

Now, being quick on the uptake, and before anyone else could get in, I decided to register a site for photography with my name included. So I now have a brand new wordpress.com site with one of the new subdomains; mikehardisty.photo.blog

At the moment the site has no content but I got to thinking that maybe I could use this new site to start again, this time using the WP Media Server instead of Flickr for the photographs.

As regular readers will know I documented last week the problems Say It With A Camera is going to have in the coming New Year when SmugMug starts deleting photographs from non-pro Flickr accounts. This blog will have so many broken links that I suspect Google will stop indexing it.

Interestingly, yesterday I found a plugin for Adobe Lightroom that allows me to publish straight to the WP Media Server from Lightroom. As I use Lightroom for all my photograph cataloguing and processing this makes working with the WP Media Server so much simpler to use, especially as I can control the file size. The photographs of Bonnie and Teddy were done this way and as far as I can see it works fine.

I am now in the process of evaluating starting a new blog, looking at the pros and cons. Sure it will be a challenge starting again, but I think I need that challenge in light of the fact that my input to this blog had almost dried up.



I’m The Young Whippersnapper

Call me Teddy, I’m Bonnie’s best mate and second everything she says. It’s cushy here.

Teddy is an 18 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Now I like playing with a ball and these two will throw it for me all the time. I’ve got them nicely trained now, didn’t take long. The tell me to “fetch” it, but I ignore them because it’s fun to watch them get off the settee and pick it up for me. Now and again, just to tease them, I do “fetch” it and their full of praise for me. But I’m one smart dog, I don’t need no kisses or cuddles like Bonnie does so I do my own thing.

I’m A Lady

Hi, my name is Bonnie and I’m a tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Bonnie is a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Up until recently I lived on the island of Anglesey but sadly my owner passed over to Rainbow Bridge; me and my mate Teddy had to go and stay at the doggie hotel, near Prestatyn.

Now doggie hotels can be ok but nothing beats a comfy settee and a warm bed at night so when prospective new members of our family came to see me and Teddy, we were checking out who’d give us the most cuddles and treats.

In the end we picked this man and woman who seemed to fit the bill. Two square a day, three walks, a beach nearby to run on, comfy settees and a really warm bed, I’m in doggie heaven. Did I mention I’ve also got a new man in my life. He lets me snuggle up to him, sometimes give him a kiss or two and tickles me behind the ears. Fantastic.


Is This The End?

Ever since the terrible decision to end the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge I have found my interest in blogging slowly but surely starting to wane. To the point that I’m not blogging at all.

I have been considering what to do about Say It with A Camera and have come up with several options

  1.  just leave it dormant and never post again
  2.  delete it completely for reasons you will see if you read below
  3. try to resurrect my interest in blogging to showcase my photographs, using the WordPress media server, but start with a new blog completely, for the same reasons as 2 above

In a way I think the decision has been made for me with the recent announcement from Flickr that they are ending the free 1Tb of storage space and limiting non-pro accounts to 1000 photographs. In January or February they will start to delete photographs from Flickr starting with the oldest first until the 1000 limit is reached. That’s a disaster for this blog as nearly all of my photographs are hosted on Flickr. When the deletion starts there will be so many broken links here because the older posts will have no photographs in them, just the words. Not ideal for a photography blog.

I did consider downloading all of my photographs from Flickr and then editing each individual post to make use of the WordPress Media server. However the amount of work involved in reducing the file size down from the hi-res photo’s I post to Flickr would take me such a long a time, time that I can’t really devote to such a task.

To give you an idea, I have 2698 photographs stored on Flickr, probably about two-thirds of these are used in this blog. I have 916 published posts. I would have to take each post in turn, click on the individual photographs to see what I had named them, find the corresponding photographs that I downloaded from Flickr, reduce the Flickr photo file size and then load them up to the media server for use. I almost forgot. I’d also have to delete the Flickr link as well. So a really mammoth task.

I am faced with a difficult decision and not sure how to proceed at this point. What ever happens in the coming weeks I will have to do something, I’m just not looking forward to it.

I’d appreciate any thoughts you may have on this.

In the meantime this could be the final photograph, so I hope you enjoy it

Gwydir Forest Waterfall

Feral Goats In Dinorwic

Sometimes you just get lucky. I haven’t written anything to Say It With A Camera in weeks. Just no interest in blogging. But today I got lucky and found the goats down on the lower slopes, just minding their own business. Too good an opportunity not to share. Have I got the will to start writing again…….I hope so.