All Is Quiet And I Am Half Asleep

All is quiet in the Hardisty household. Our summer visitors have gone and No 1 son is currently sitting in Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands, awaiting a flight to take up residence again in the mysterious orient. For him it’s a new adventure, as he has said goodbye to Hong Kong. But for me, I’m... Continue Reading →

Ripples On The Beach

When I first read what this weeks challenge was “Textures” I immediately thought of applying textures to a photograph. Something I used to do a lot of when I first started experimenting with incorporating my photographs into digital art. I was quite looking forward to giving it a go, especially as I’ve been pretty “straight” in... Continue Reading →

Using Textures to Enhance an Image

Let's face it, as photographers there can't be that many of us who haven't screwed up that "once in a lifetime" photograph. You know the type I mean. You're on holiday (or should that be vacation) in a country you're never likely to visit again. You've got seconds to take a photograph of some iconic building/statue... Continue Reading →

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