Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I really had to think about this weeks challenge. My immediate family is scattered all over the world and looking through my image gallery I realised that I did not have one photograph of us all together.

I decided in the end to submit this image that I took at the wedding of a dear friends daughter. Both the bride and groom had lost people dear to them, including the bride’s father and both wanted a symbol that would help the guests remember those who were missing.

Was it appropriate for a wedding? I thought so and I know the other guests did. What about you? If you were getting married or were attending a wedding, would you like to see something like this?



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  2. siggiofmaine

    I think this is a wonderful way to honor those people that were important in their lives and now gone.
    My daughter had a favorite doll of her daughter’s near the wedding party to symbolize that while she
    was unable to be there (she was 8) because of circumstances, she will always be able to see she was
    on the minds of everyone…the same with this candle. A wonderful remembrance.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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  4. Northern Narratives

    Personally, I would not do this at my wedding but I think it is important to respect the ceremony chosen by the bride and groom on their special day.


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  6. thirdhandart

    I like the idea that even though people we love pass on, their light still shines. My husband and I were married in a small civil ceremony many years ago. But, if our ceremony had been larger, I would totally have done this.
    My opinion could be related to my Catholic upbringing. When I was younger, it was normal for people praying in church to donate a little money and then light a candle for departed souls, etc.


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  8. thinkcaroline

    I think this idea is amazing! I had never lost any family until recently (my uncle lost his battle with liver cancer three weeks ago) and this is an awesome idea to represent family members gone but still there in spirit.


  9. pix & kardz

    what a thoughtful tribute.
    and why not?
    family times and milestone moments often bring back memories of loved ones who are no longer with us, and so it is very appropriate to reflect with gratitude the blessings they have been to us, having contributed to who we are.
    thank you for sharing.


  10. ljr3

    I think it is a great idea. It is what matters to the bride and groom that is important. We did something similar for our wedding. My husband’s father passed away suddlenly, just after my husband and I met, so we never got to meet. I thought it would be nice to feel he was with us for our wedding day. Mixed in with the various white flowers in my bouquet and in my husband’s buttonhole were red poppies, used as a symbol of remembrance. It made us feel he was there and that is all that mattered.


  11. nelson RN

    It’s actually my first time to see something like this on a wedding. It’s a nice idea though. Our loved ones are able to take part in important events even if they’re already gone. Thank you for sharing this touching photograph.


  12. bluebee

    I like it and think it is appropriate – weddings are joyous occasions but they are also reminders of those who are not there with us – the circle of life