Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

These weekly challenges are getting weirder and weirder. I mean Habit, this week, Eerie last. How am I meant to find a nun wearing a habit, let alone photograph her. That’s if she would let me. And where am I going to find an eagle in its nest. They’re not exactly in abundance around here.

Oops! Got that one wrong. EE not EY…but I digress. What about this habit thing?

If photography is about anything it is the deep surprise of living in the ordinary world. By virtue of walking through the fields and streets of this planet, focusing on the small and the unexpected, conferring attention on the helter-skelter juxtapositions of time and space, the photographer reminds us that the actual world is full of surprise, which is precisely what most people, imprisoned in habit and devoted to the familiar, tend to forget. – John Rosenthal

I must confess, I’m having trouble with this weeks challenge. Sure I’ve got lots of habits, some I won’t share here, but this is a photography challenge so here goes…..


No! That’s not my habit. A lot of my photographs are landscapes taken in the Snowdonia National Park. This week I’m going to break the habit and show you some photographs from the coast, but no sunsets or Talacre Lighthouse.

Yellow Marker

Zapcat races are run on short courses with repeating laps. Generally they are close to the shore, ensuring that spectators get a great view of the action.

Delta Jet

The origin for Zapcats was the early 80’s in South Africa where local crews competed against each other with inflatable boats. The races were held on rivers and along the coastline.


Since those early days the technology has improved and racing has spread to many countries including the United Kingdom.

Now for something a little gentler. Out to sea we have seen the growth of wind turbine farms. You can see them in some of the photographs above.

North Hoyle Wind Farm was Wales’ first offshore wind farm, and the UK’s first major offshore renewable power project. Situated in Liverpool Bay, it commenced operation in 2003.

North Hoyle covers an area of 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi), and is located approximately 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi) off the coast of North Wales, between the towns of Rhyl and Prestatyn.

Have you ever wondered how they get those massive turbines out to sea?

Wind Turbines

This ship takes them out, you can see some of the turbine masts at the front. I think this is also used to install the masts into the sea bed.

Also off the coast, although some time back, was the Nostag 10 which is a cable laying barge.

Nostag 10

It was laying electricity cables between North Wales and Ireland as part of a power-sharing project.

Right that’s it for me. I hoped you enjoyed this brief break with my normal habits.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

    1. Thanks Lisa. I just couldn’t get into the challenge this week. Usually when it’s announced on Friday I have a rough idea more or less straight away what I’ll cover. This week was different I tried several things before finally settling on this weeks post.



  1. These photos were very enjoyable. I like learning something new. The wind turbines and the cable laying is quite interesting. And I had never heard of that particular kind of boat sport. It good to see the racers had their heads well protected and had on decent life jackets.


    1. Nowadays you can’t do anything without ‘elfin Safety (Health & Safety) getting involved, Yvonne. They are now talking about banning certain kids games in school because they are too rough.

      We will see more of these turbines springing up out to sea as this area has been designated as suitable. It’s also got to do with the height the sea is in the bay at low tide, which allows for easy installation. Personally I don’t mind, I’d rather see them out to sea than inland. I know they will never get into the National Park but the Denbigh Moors would be favourite. Wild, desolate and always windy. Who knows, it might happen but there are no plans at the moment that I know of.

      Mike http://about.me/mikehardisty


  2. Stunning pictures. I gave my own interpretation of Habit, but refused to have anything to do with last week’s. Hopefully this week will be instantly inspired.


    1. I’ve had a few like that recently. Just can’t seem to work up the enthusiasm for the weekly challenge. Maybe it’s the subjects, maybe I’m getting stale…



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