Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Another week and another challenge. I suppose it’s inevitable that at some time the  challenge theme is going to repeat.  On the 1st of November 2013 Cheri asked us to write about something Eerie. It’s not too hard to jump from Eerie to Creepy which is this weeks challenge theme.

A long time ago I used to experiment with composite images and digital blending. Some of the creations I would come up with were quite creepy; like this one of a stone gargoyle from the side of a church blended with a set of human eyes. I was also into framing all of my work at the time.

Looking At You

Later I developed a more dark and sombre mood  as you can see from this next one.

The Red Monk

The good thing about this type of work; I was teaching myself to use Photoshop, blending  layers, lighting, brushes etc. All of which were to come in handy later. This next one was a composite of so many of those techniques I mentioned above. The background is a photograph of trees in the fog, layered with a blue cast and some dark textures. Next the girl was cut-out from her original background and blended into the photograph using a slightly transparent layer. Brushes were used for the lightning and the flying birds.

Girl in Blue

Talking of brushes. The next two works were created solely using Photoshop brushes. Oops! I tell a lie. The moon was mine. but everything else came from various Photoshop brushes


Definitely all brushes this time. Can you see an underlying theme to all of these works?


Finally, I give you… “Come Play With Me”. Once again, it’s a composite made of several layers of photographs combined with Photoshop brushes.

grunge industrial background

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

    1. Happy Days, but so long ago Jane. I spent many a dark night during winter teaching myself to use Photoshop and now i hardly ever use it. Nearly all of my processing is done using just Lightroom.

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  1. Thanks for including me in your links 🙂

    These are just gorgeous. Any chance I could share a couple — properly credited and linked, of course — in my Haunting Photos Gallery? It’s still under renovation, but these would be beautiful additions.

    I’m hesitant to add a link here because of what you said about self-promotional comments. How about this? Just reply here (I’ll get a notice, I think) if you want to see what I’m talking about, and I direct you to the gallery.

    If you’re game for being featured, you might want to watermark whatever you’re willing to share.

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    1. Hello Renae – I have no objection to you using any of the work featured in this post. They have a Creative Commons License, which reminds me I need to change the Copyright Statement on my blog. Please remember to credit me.

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