Push The Boat Out

I’m still struggling with the new schedule for the Weekly Photo Challenge. It just does not fit with my weekly schedule and so this week I’ve got a bit of a mixed bag for you.

I don’t know which is the more predominant colour here, that bright orange or the even brighter green of the benches in the shelter. What do you think? Green or Orange?

Beach Shelter

Now this is definitely green. If you are ever fortunate enough to visit Tai O stilted village on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. you will see these little tourist boats running around. Personally I preferred to walk around the village, mainly because there are far better photo opportunities.


Still in Hong Kong, if you get the chance visit the bird market, it’s right next to the flower market so you can kill two birds (excuse the pun) with one stone. Anyway, these are green birds with a little bit of red.. I’m very good at identifying birds as regular readers well know.

The Birds

Looks like I’m on a Hong Kong roll this week. This you definitely have to do. Catch the Star Ferry across the harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui to Central. It’s a quick trip across Victoria Harbour, lasting about 15 minutes. Push the boat out (not another pun?) and pay extra for the Upper Deck. HK$ 2.50 or about UK£ 0.25p, US$ 0.30c.

Celestial Star

My last one today. I’ve been playing around with compositing photos. The model is a stock photograph courtesy of Marcus Ranum

The Sword

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11 thoughts on “Push The Boat Out

    1. Friday was so much better for me, mainly because I go out on a Wednesday for a shooting day. With Friday I could take photographs the following Wednesday, write the blog post Thursday. Now with Wednesday, it’s too late. I don’t know what the them is until I get home that evening and then I’ve no chance to get out and take photographs too fit.

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  1. In the opening photo the green looks more blue, or actually teal, to me. I think it’s equally strong with the yellow/orange of the sky and they compliment each other perfectly. Great shot.
    I would love to exploring that stilt village on Lantau Island. I spent 5 weeks in HK over 30 years ago now, and went to Lantau, but I don’t remember seeing any stilt village. Of course I did get the ferry to Victoria, several times I think. There was no extra charge for upstairs then. Perhaps there wasn’t even an upstairs!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. The village is called Tai O and it’s on the western side of the island, almost an island in itself. It’s pennies difference in price on the ferries and to be honest I travelled both top and bottom. Most HK Chinese will use the bottom, tourists mainly go upstairs, but the view is the same on either deck, apart from your a little bit higher. It’s noisier downstairs because you’re right next to the engine room.

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  2. Pic number one. The predominant color to me is the amount to blue in the pic. The orange sky is the feature and catches the eye which makes the photo so appealing. I’m not fond of most Asian pics. I prefer seeing the pics of the Asian people in their culture just haven’t seen much Asian beauty but, that is only me. I like to see the people very much. Hope I have not offended you with my opinion, Mike.


  3. Went to Hong Kong a long time ago and can say it has not changed that much based on your images – incredible place to visit! Your images are beautiful and yes to me it was the blue.


    1. I love Honk Kong and have been there many times but sadly that will probably be my last trip there. My son is moving to Japan, so new photo opportunities are arising.


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