Underground, Did I See Anything in Budapest?

I’ve just got back from a short trip to Budapest and am still looking at all of the photographs I have taken there. But as this is Wednesday and it’s almost time for a new challenge I’ll just include a couple of quick photographs from the trip.

First up is this one of a tunnel under the main road on the approach to the Chain Bridge. It’s used by trams which run along the riverside.


Second is this pedestrian tunnel under the same road.


That’s it for this week. But look out for my post of night shots from Budapest and if I have time this week I’ll be writing about the Great Market Hall as well.

11 thoughts on “Underground, Did I See Anything in Budapest?

    1. Just quick ones. Arv. But more to come when I manage to (a) actually look at all the photographs I took and (b) I get the time to do it. Came back from Budapest with some other work to do, first

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  1. Nice. I have found with following other bloggers that street art, and graffiti are quite fun to photograph. Looks like you had a nice trip to Budapest. I too will look forward to more photos. That is on our list for future travel too.

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  2. Very interesting art in the first photo. Wonder what it says or if the letterings are symbols. The second pic is very pretty. It seems to flow and I suppose the light and coloring make the photo plus I like the stairs that are sort of right to the tunnel.

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  3. Probably Hungarian, Yvonne, but who knows with the crazy taggers when they spray a wall. Quite often it’s their name like DRAGO or Banksy or similar. The stairs take you up to the bridge across the river


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