Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall


Aber Falls (Rhaeadr Fawr in Welsh) is a waterfall located about two miles (3 km) south of the village of AbergwyngregynGwyneddWales. The valley contains the Coedydd Aber National Nature Reserve with an abundance of wildlife and beautiful woodland and mountain scenery. Like most waterfalls they are best seen either after heavy rainfall or during cold winter months when ice forms.

As it happens I had written an article about the falls about two weeks ago. You can read the full article here and see more of the photographs I took on the walk up to falls.

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

    • Thank You. I’ve had practice. Quite a few waterfalls in this area, They don’t have great high drops (max about 120 ft) but there’s a good few in the area. An 80ft one about 10 minutes from my door. That’s handy for practice….


    • Thank you for your comment. Waterfalls to me represent ever changing patterns. They make take the same basic shape, from day to day, where they fall down the hill. but look really closely and you can see it is ever changing…


  1. The photo looks almost surreal, as if there’s a layer of mercury thinly glossing over the surface. Is it a technique you’ve used, or am I just imagining it? I’ve recently returned from a cruise of the British Isles on the Queen Mary II. Can’t say I noticed seasonal changes as I soaked up the breathtaking scenery that is so much a part of your area of the world. Lucky you…to wake up to all of that, each and every day. :)


    • It’s the technique I’ve used. I’m glad you liked the British Isles, I’ve travelled all over the world but I do think there’s some great scenery here, especially in Wales where I now live.


    • I’ve been using HDR for a good few years now. Not every photograph is suited to the technique but running water certainly is. To get this one I used a tripod, a bracket of 5 (-2 to +), remote control to fire the shutter and stood in the river. Not that I would recommend going to that extreme for everyone but I went prepared.


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