It’s quiet here….

No photographs, nothing, just a quick hello. I’m on a really slow wi-fi network at the side a river somewhere in deepest Herefordshire. I think I’m picking up the network of the pub behind me.

Anyway, normal service will be resumed next week when I finally get back home. Why am I in Herefordshire? Simple really, for what else but the photography. The county of Hereford has some of the prettiest villages in England, many of them with those old Black and White Houses that you used to see on chocolate boxes or jigsaw puzzles.

As well as the photography I’m taking a break, sitting by the river and just watching the world go by…..

11 thoughts on “It’s quiet here….

      1. ah – I love North Wales as well. It would be a struggle to decide where I would live if I returned to the IK πŸ™‚
        & not sure if my other replies got through – if they did, please forgive me πŸ™‚


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