Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Before I get into this weeks challenge I would like to thank all of you who took part in the poll, which I included in last weeks photo challenge. I asked “Do you think a visible watermark is too distracting?” and gave you three choices;

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not Sure

Previously, I have always published my images with a Creative Commons License and was willing to let them be used for non-commercial purposes as long as I was credited as the photographer. At the beginning of the year I did an audit of what I consider to be some of my best images. Many of them being used were not complying with the terms of the CC License. One image had been used 495 times; not once was I credited as the photographer. Yes! I did check every instance and thanks to Google Image Search and Tineye I was able to verify the illegal use on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress and even some commercial sites.  I felt that I had to do something discourage the casual thief. i.e. those who would not use PhotoChop or similar tools to remove a visible watermark.

However I was torn between a displaying the image as is and having a visible deterrent. The problem with a visible deterrent is that it has to be big enough to deter, but inevitably, when that happens it pushes the image into the background….And that’s the one thing I didn’t want.

The poll itself was very interesting;

    • 51 of you were kind enough to take part
    • 25 (49%) replied YES – the watermark was too distracting
    • 20 (39%) replied NO – the watermark was not distracting
    • 6 (12%) replied NOT SURE

Many of you also left comments qualifying your vote and hopefully I have replied to everyone.

So where does it leave me? Do I continue to  watermark or not? Well I have taken the decision not to include a watermark on any new image. In addition, I am going to re-instate my use of Creative Commons Licensing,  a model I still believe in, despite the illegal use.

Anyway to this weeks challenge, which is Down

I was wondering what to use for this weeks challenge and I remembered this image that I took way back in 2006 on a trip to Florida. This was taken in Busch Gardens and the ride had only just opened after a heavy thunderstorm. Not long after they closed the ride again as the rain came down again. In the end, we left the park early due to poor weather conditions closing most of the rides.

37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. OH MY! I don’t know what is worst, sitting in the first row or the last. I have a headache. I can feel the gravity pulling me down and it looks like a storm is brewing. So many emotions come up just looking at this photo. I guess that means it’s a good one. No! I think it’s a great one.



  2. Oh dear, that ride is so scary!! I am never a fan of fun rides. I would just prefer looking at them from the ground. But your photo is lovely, fantastic capture! 🙂


  3. That picture of the roller coaster, ‘Sheikra’ reminds me of our visit and my wife and daughter went on it. brilliant they said. However the first visit my daughter was refused due to height, and tears flowed. Also like your visit we had a thunderstorm and sheltered in the theatre. that is another story, possibly for a future post.


  4. Oh boy – wish I hadn’t just had my breakfast! Am feeling sick now! Good picture though!

    I hope this doesn’t end up in your spam bin – its so hard to leave comments on WordPress!! Please reinstate it, if it does, as then I’ll be able to leave one another time without all the disappearing tricks!


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