Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

Goodness me! I’m early. For weeks I have been completing the challenge post late on a Friday afternoon but this week I finally have some time to get on with it. So here goes. Spring is my favourite time of the year, more so than summer so let’s start with a nice Spring photograph.

Field of Daffodils

Daffodils are grown around here in abundance. The first time I saw this and many other fields like this I thought they were for St David’s day. He’s the patron saint of Wales and it’s traditional for many Welsh people to wear one or both of the National symbols of Wales to celebrate St. David: the daffodil (a generic Welsh symbol) or the leek (Saint David’s personal symbol) on this day. But when I looked into it I found out the daffodils are grown to be used in Medical Research and modern uses include extracting galantamine from the bulbs to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Still in spring mode I’m now going to take you to the North Cornwall Coastal Path, 141 miles (227 km) of rugged walks many of which are along cliffs. The views are stunning and throw in the start of sunset. what more could you ask for.

Spring Flowers

Staying on the coast but back in North Wales. We have some great cliff walks as well but in my neck of the woods it more flat beaches and sand dunes. Great for summer and we are in the right position that during summer our sunsets are out to sea.

Sunset at Prestatyn Beach

Ever since i moved to North Wales we have had an annual air show during the summer. This year it could be in doubt due to new “elfin safety” regulations which have been imposed on air shows held in the UK.

Red Arrows

Autumn is probably my second favourite season. As the colours start to turn in the trees we get amazing reds and oranges to photograph. It looks so peaceful in the photograph below but earlier this year that river burst it’s banks and flooded that cottage causing a lot of damage.

Cottage in Llanwrst by the side of the Afon Conwy - Photograph ny Mike Hardisty.jpg

Further up-stream the river flows quite slowly giving some great reflections of the autumn colours that we can see in the trees.

Autumn Colours

Winter in the Ogwen Valley, well in this case Nant Ffrancon just below the Ogwen Valley. You can always guarantee to get some snow here, which forces the ponies down from the upper levels to near the roadside. If you are lucky enough to see them you can usually approach slowly. Don’t startle them, approach side on, that’s where a horse or pony sees best. A horse has a sort of blind spot right in front of it’s nose.

Wild Ponies

OK! Ogwen valley this time and a frozen Llyn Ogwen with Tryfan in the background. An easy spot to photograph as the main road runs along side the lake and there’s a car-park about 50 metres behind me. That’s if you can get it in, as it can often be full, especially at weekends.

Llyn Ogwen

Well that’s it for this week. I hope you enjoyed the photographs, and as usual, here’s what other bloggers are saying about this weeks challenge;

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34 replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

    1. I was intrigued by your name, having worked for a organisation with a similar one. went and had a look at your other plug and I can see the connection now.. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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  1. I really appreciate you including my entry in your list. Thank you. You live in a magical, inspiring place. Wow. A wonderful look at spring in your area, I am refreshed and entertained by your eye for magnificent beauty.

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    1. Each week I try to feature ten bloggers I have read. I especially liked the photograph of the beach. It looks wild and rugged, is it from Humbolt County? Our beach stretches for miles but it is flat sandy and very tidal, When the tide goes out we get wide beaches stretching for a good few hundred yards to the sea, but when the tide comes in the sandy beach just disappears.


      1. I love those vast tidal beaches as well. Yes, I live in Humboldt County, this beach is from a cove near Trinidad called College Cove. It is one of my favorite places to go with my young boys and explore. We tend to get there before the small crowds descend on the beach making it feel like we are the first to discover it 🙂 Great idea with the 10 features, thanks again and it was lovely to experience your entries this week too.

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  2. Terrific work, Mike… Was the field of daffodils adjacent the A55 just after Caerwys? My partner is from Wales & we pass by every couple of weeks to visit her mum in Y Felinheli; I keep meaning to stop for a look… and a photograph or two! Best, Tony

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    1. Hello Tony. This field is in Caerwys. But I know the ones you mean that can be seen from the A55. If I remember rightly you can pull off the A55 at Jct 29. It’s a sharp bend and you take the road leading to the left. Before the bridge crosses the A55. you can park and there are fields of daffodils there. Here are some co-ordinates you can pump into Google Maps 53.273207, -3.358966 or for the ones in Caerwys which is a bit of a distance away 53.249591, -3.307232

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  3. That cottage is amazing, what a great picture. The airshow shot brings back great childhood memories of sitting on the roof of the house watching the Blue Angels fly into town every summer.

    Thank you very much for including me in your list, truly humbled.

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    1. Sometimes the simple shots work just fine. Since I changed my phone I’ve taken more photographs with it’s camera. Anyway I’m glad you liked the photographs and good luck with your business.


    1. I always thought they were for our patron saints day until realised that daffodils come into the shops unopened. These are left to open as you can see, Yvonne. There are fields and fields of them around here. Those ponies are hard to capture they are tame enough, you can approach them but you’ve got to see them first. They don’t often come that low in the valley. As for the house. We all wait for the leaves to turn that amazing colour. Once again it’s right beside a main road so it gets photographed a lot.

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