It Is What It Is

How do you think up the title of your posts? At one time I used to use “Weekly Photo Challenge: and then whatever the them was for that week i.e. Weekly Photo Challenge: Silence. Real interesting and very eye-catching. So then I started to think of a catchy phrase that I could use each week like “Oops! I Forgot” or “The Donkey Said “What’s Behind Me””. But how do I come up with that phrase? Usually it’s based on one or more of the photographs I include in my post so this week I give you “It Is What It Is”.

A bustling kitchen and yet very quiet. Not because the nuns have sworn a vow of silence, they haven’t, because they are not real. Their just mannequins dressed up in a nuns habit for an exhibition in a museum


Now you might have noticed that the above picture is a bit heavy on the HDR side. That’s because it was adjusted to appeal to a specific audience on Instagram. Yep! I’m on there now, happily gathering followers and following others. Slowly but surely I’m weaning myself away from Facebook. It no longer has the hold it used to and to be hones I’m sick of all the bullcrap advertising that is appearing there. With their new Algorithms I’m seeing less and less of the people I follow and more and more of “stuff” I’m not really interested in. So I’m now an Instagrammer.

Despite being right next to a busy rail and road bridge crossing the Menai Straits from North Wales to Anglesey, this spot down by the shoreline was quite peaceful and calm. However, once the tide turns this becomes a noisy flowing dangerous torrent due to the fact that there are differential tides at the two ends of the strait. Differential tides = very strong currents to flow in both directions through the strait at different times. Due to the narrow width of the strait between North Wales and Anglesey and with hidden rocks, this makes for a difficult passage for sailors.

Britannia Bridge

Yesterday I was out in the Snowdonia National Park. One of those spur of the moment ideas. We’ve had terrible grey days for what seems like weeks now, not ideal for photography. Yesterday I got up, saw a patch of blue sky and thought, fresh air and a stop at Moel Siabod Cafe, what more could I ask for? Go to their website and you’ll see why it’s so popular amongst walkers and photographers. Anyway, weather wasn’t great in the mountains so after a stop at the cafe for lunch I headed to the coast and caught this female Goosander fishing at the mouth of the river at Llandullas.  So peaceful, just me and her. I’m sure she knew I was photographing her because she kept posing for me.


Further afield now. To Berlin and the top of the dome in the Reichstag. We managed to get in one winters evening and there was no one there. Plenty of time to get the photographs I wanted.

The Dome

Well that’s it for this week and I hope you enjoyed the photographs – Mike

19 thoughts on “It Is What It Is

  1. I was using Pink Floyd lyrics relevant (or not) to the photos. That does get difficult though, when they are primarily instrumental. 🙂

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  2. I like the bird and she is quite lovely. The other one is the bridge and then the dome in Berlin. I don’t Instagram and I don’t think I ever will. WP is enough and FB I do because I post lost and found pets and once in a while I’ll post something personal but that is very rare. It really has no appeal to me and I never thought to look you up on FB. I have no idea why it never occurred to me.

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    1. It’s one of those things, Yvonne. Many photographers used FB but have lost faith with it. Now it’s Instagram and I’ve no doubt that in a few years that will change. But if I want to keep in touch with other photographers you have to be like the herd and follow the rest.

      That big copper thing is actually the air vent for the Parliament building below, All the hot air rises, and there’s a lot of it, which then goes out a hole in the glass dome.

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  3. I have tried Instagram but I really struggle with the hashtags – I have no idea what works and what doesn’t. Between Flickr, FB and Instagram (and very occasionally WP) I find it too much to keep going consistently. So I end up in cycles. I drifted away from Flickr for a couple of years and now have returned. I use FB mainly for local stuff. As for titles, most of my posts are titled after I have written them and I just pick something out of the post that seems relevant. I really like the Menai Bridge shot – so long since I have been there.

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    1. I still use Flickr but only for hosting my photographs for my blog, Andrew. Although I’m still in Groups I don’t really take part anymore in that side of things. A lot of Instagram I mainly use for HDR photographs so I have a set of # that I consistently use.


  4. As usual stunning images, Mike. I too have done away with cliche WPC titles. Being innovative helps. With FB, if you like something they show you only those kind of post. It sucks big time!

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  5. The picture of the bridge is fabulous Mike, Especially how you brought it to life on the cloud filled day. I know what you mean about social media choking our posts. I want you to know that you’re missed on Flcikr. There is no algorithm what so ever, and if you are a Flickr Pro member there are no ads. It’s only a matter of days before Instagram becomes what Facebook is doing, they are both owned my the same guy. Hope this note finds you well. Enjoy your day.

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    1. Thank you Frank. I’m still on Flickr but I had problems with my old account so had to create a new one In reality I only use Flickr to host my WP blog photographs and don’t really take part in any other activity.

      I hardly even go to Flickr. I publish direct from LR to Flickr and when I’m writing my blog with Windows Live Writer I use a plugin to fetch the photographs I want to use from Flickr automatically

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  6. Like you, I opt to find a title when I finish my post and then name it according to one of the photos. Nice capture of the goosander. Also, your comments were closed on your previous post, but I was waiting until I had a chance to sit at my computer to respond. All of the photos in that post brought a sense of curiosity. Some, like the bench… reflection and many seemed like fun for childlike pretending, like the boat. That by the way is a piece of art! Always a pleasure. Mike.


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