Talacre Dunes

Another post, using the new theme and the WordPress servers to host the photographs. Most comments said everything was OK but “It’s Just A Theory” reported having problems displaying the photographs. So could you please check and let me know if the images are displaying with the post and that you don’t have to click a link or a thumbnail to see them. Thanks in advance for checking.

So this week it’s Graceful. Those people in Automatic sure pick some weird themes at times but here we go.

The sand dunes at Talacre have always been my goto place when I want to test new equipment or a particular method of taking photographs.

Talacre Sand Dunes

Wandering amongst the dunes gives me plenty of scope to photograph wildlife, like this jay which was sitting on one of the trees that are dotted around the dunes. Beautiful birds, very intelligent and this photograph in winter plumage really doesn’t do the colours justice.


And wherever you go your sure to find little Blue Tits at the edges of the dunes, hiding in the trees. Although not this one, quite cheeky, but very nervous and surprisingly this one came quite close.

Blue Tit

However, back to the dunes, There are certain areas were a lot of conservation work is going on so you will find these areas fenced off.

Dune Protection

It may be for a rare species of plant or wildlife. Sometimes it’s just to protect the ever-changing infrastructure. Sand dunes are very susceptible to damage by us and of course the wind. I never question it. If it’s fenced off, it’s for a reason, so I see no need to enter, even if it means I have to go a longer way round.

Finally you can’t go to Talacre without taking a photograph of the abandoned lighthouse. But this time rather than go onto the beach I’ve stayed in the dunes to give me some foreground interest.

Talacre Lighthouse

Is it graceful? It might be but hey, my post my choice of photographs. Do they fit the theme….of course they do.

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    1. Don’t know how I missed your comment, WP put it for moderation because that’s how I have my blog set up, but I didn’t get the usual email notification, sorry about that. Thank you for letting me know that you could see them on an Ipad. I’m still not sure if this is the correct way to go as I much prefer that you can click and see a larger photograph


  1. No problems with display – in fact if you click on them, they don’t take you anywhere, so appear to be showing at full size. Lovely collection. I like the little Blue Tit. We don’t get those in Canada (to my knowledge) and your Jay looks complete different from those we get here. (Our most common are the Grey Jay (aka Whiskeyjack or Canada Jay), and the Stellar Jay – seen more west of me in British Columbia.) – Suzan –

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  2. I missed seeing that you had a prompt of “graceful.” When I got to the picture of the fence, my reaction was “What graceful rhythm! It undulates.” So, yeah, I think you got the gist of the challenge. 🙂 And your photos are showing up fine on a full monitor.

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    1. There have been rumours floating around for some time now that with the proposed putchase of Yahoo by Verizon, Flickr may be ditched. Whilst it’s only a rumour I was becoming concerned because all of my blog photographs are embedded from Flickr, they’re not on the WordPress servers.
      If this did happen just about every blog post I have would be missing the photographs so I thought I’d better sort it out now rather than wait. At least my most recent posts would have photographs to show


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