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Solitude! Where Have I Heard That Before?

This weeks challenge is easy, or so I thought. I was almost certain we had covered Solitude before, several years back, but could I find a post referring to Solitude in any of my blogs. So instead I’m going to indulge in a bit of nostalgia and hopefully get Solitude across in the process…and I’ve missed the deadline, which is now Wednesday to Tuesday.

I took this photograph way back in 2007, it shows “Bah Humbug” and “Mr Grumpy” on the beach on a quiet summers evening.

Bah Humbug

Now “Bah Humbug” had a hatred of cats that can be best described as homicidal. Needless to say the neighbours cats never sh*t in our garden. He once caught one under the car, it was hissing and spitting, if he had got to it I dread to think what would have happened. Yet he was the quietest of dogs otherwise and it really was as shame that he developed epilepsy at a very early age. Now living on the coast, we have a lot of gulls around. To “Bah Humbug” they were just funny flying cats.

On the other hand “Mr Grumpy” was such a patient dog, loving, friendly, my pal. He lived to a ripe old age for a Cavalier, although in later years he slowed and became a right “Grumpy Old Man”, just like me.

Grumpy Old Man

Oh! I suppose I should mention “She Who Must Be Obeyed” tagged along as well.

She Who Must Be Obeyed

It’s a  great beach for walking on, especially in the evening once the tourists have gone. The tide has just gone out so all of the excess rubbish had been swept out to sea.

Now you might have noticed that I’ve introduced a watermark again. My policy is that photographs I publish on Say It With A Camera and Flickr are free to use as long as it’s not for commercial purposes and also that you credit me as the photographer. That’s not too much to ask for, after all, I’ve done all the hard work.

So it really annoys me when I see scraper sites just offering my photographs to be downloaded without accrediting me as the photographer.


The photograph you are about to see featured in my post about Cilla Black, a much-loved 60’s British pop-star who died recently and has had a statue erected in her honour near The Cavern Club in Liverpool.


Now whilst a watermark will not deter a determined thief, it’s all too easy to remove them in Photoshop, it does screw up these scraper sites, because they just take the photographs as is.

So that’s it this week, a bit of nostalgia, a rant about misuse of my photographs and hopefully I’ve covered Solitude as well.

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Talacre Dunes

Another post, using the new theme and the WordPress servers to host the photographs. Most comments said everything was OK but “It’s Just A Theory” reported having problems displaying the photographs. So could you please check and let me know if the images are displaying with the post and that you don’t have to click a link or a thumbnail to see them. Thanks in advance for checking.

So this week it’s Graceful. Those people in Automatic sure pick some weird themes at times but here we go.

The sand dunes at Talacre have always been my goto place when I want to test new equipment or a particular method of taking photographs.

Talacre Sand Dunes

Wandering amongst the dunes gives me plenty of scope to photograph wildlife, like this jay which was sitting on one of the trees that are dotted around the dunes. Beautiful birds, very intelligent and this photograph in winter plumage really doesn’t do the colours justice.


And wherever you go your sure to find little Blue Tits at the edges of the dunes, hiding in the trees. Although not this one, quite cheeky, but very nervous and surprisingly this one came quite close.

Blue Tit

However, back to the dunes, There are certain areas were a lot of conservation work is going on so you will find these areas fenced off.

Dune Protection

It may be for a rare species of plant or wildlife. Sometimes it’s just to protect the ever-changing infrastructure. Sand dunes are very susceptible to damage by us and of course the wind. I never question it. If it’s fenced off, it’s for a reason, so I see no need to enter, even if it means I have to go a longer way round.

Finally you can’t go to Talacre without taking a photograph of the abandoned lighthouse. But this time rather than go onto the beach I’ve stayed in the dunes to give me some foreground interest.

Talacre Lighthouse

Is it graceful? It might be but hey, my post my choice of photographs. Do they fit the theme….of course they do.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

Over the years I have written about many of the places I have visited in North Wales but never really shown you much of where I live; Prestatyn. It’s a typical small town bordered on one side by the sea and on the other by a range of hills, which are supposed to protect us from the harsher winter elements. Do they? Don’t know, but when all around gets snow we don’t see a lot in Prestatyn. But there again we do live by the sea and that’s always good, too much salt in the air for snow and ice to settle.

Anyway to the photographs. Prestatyn High street is typical of many small towns you can find, some empty units, some that never seem busy and some quite bustling. What more can I say.

High Street

There is evidence that the area around Prestatyn was settled in prehistoric finds with artifacts found in caves nearby. The Romans were definitely here as there are still the remains of a bath house to be found situated in the midst of a housing estate. No other Roman buildings exist, probably because the land they may have been buried under was excavated and built on. More on that later.

High on the hill above Prestatyn there lies a bronze sculpture of one side of a Roman legionnaires helmet. With the existence of the bath house it is thought that Prestatyn was probably the site of a Roman fort on the road from Chester to Caernarfon.

Roman Helmet

The sad thing is most people in Prestatyn probably don’t even know it exists , especially as it’s sited an area that very few visitors to the town would venture to. Still staying with old Prestatyn. Up until the arrival of the railway and holidaymakers in the 19th and 20 century the population of Prestatyn was very small. But Prestatyn had something that city dwelling Victorians considered very healthy; fresh air, clean seas, fantastic beaches and promenade entertainers. Prestatyn suddenly became a very popular place to visit.

Nowadays most of the tourists have gone but we still have fresh air, clean seas and the fantastic beaches that stretch for miles and miles. We also get some amazing sunsets….

Long Beaches

If you look in the photograph above you can see to the right a small object sticking up from the sea. It’s a marker for part of the sea defences which become submerged when the tide comes in. But when it goes out you can walk out to those markers and sometimes beyond. So not only are our beaches long, they’re also wide.

Beach Marker

However, we also get exceptionally high tides several times a year and our sea defences have to be able to cope not only with the high tide but also a storm surge if the wind whips the sea up even higher, Unfortunately a couple of years ago the defences were breached just a little bit further up the coast and many houses were flooded.

Stormy Seas

Although Prestatyn is a small town the surrounding area is very rural so we sort of have the benefits of both worlds.

Evening Sunset


Dechrau a Diwedd

Back to the sea again, it’s the best part and those sunsets….what more can I say.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

My bags are packed, batteries charged, I’ve got spare memory cards and the kit is all cleaned and ready to go. Done the online check-in, printed my boarding pass, I never trust those ones they send to your mobile. What happens if you have a problem with your phone? I’m a dinosaur, give me a hard copy any day.  I’m off on my holidays tomorrow with hopefully lots of photo opportunities as we travel through Germany and the Netherlands for a week. But before I go I was giving some thought to this weeks challenge and the more I thought about it the more I thought “all of my photographs are rare”

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. – Dorothea Lange

How true that is. Every time I press the shutter, no matter how many times I photograph the same subject, something will have changed. I will have moved, even if it’s just a little bit, or a cloud might change shape slightly, or move across the sky, tumbling water never takes the same shape, so in a way it’s not the same photograph. I’m sure sometime in the past I’ve argued this point before on a weekly challenge post.

This photograph was taken a good few years back on Talacre Beach. I was there to photograph the lighthouse as the sun was setting. I’d timed my visit to coincide with an incoming tide and this family of four decide to step in front of the camera. At the time I was annoyed but I did manage to catch several silhouette shots.

Weekly Photo Challenge Family

As a back story. They missed moving their car off the beach car-park which closes at nine and it looked like they were going to be stuck until the morning. Fortunately, they were able to contact the Security Company who were willing to come and open the gates. Lucky them.

Another silhouette and another rare one. It’s me, on the beach at Weston-super-Mare. A self-portrait, nonetheless, there’s not too many of them around, thank goodness. I prefer to be behind the camera.

Weekly Photo Challenge - Selfie

Lastly, my one and only photograph of a hovering Kestrel. I was standing on the cliffs and the Kestrel was searching for something at the base. It meant it was almost level with me and I was able to get this one and only shot before it moved position


Right that’s it. I won’t be here for next weeks challenge or to reply to your comments. I will get round to them when I get back though – Mike

I nearly forgot to mention, I’ve been asked to give a talk on some of the abandoned buildings I have photographed on my travels through Snowdonia and North Wales. So when I come back of my holiday I’m going to be super-busy as I’ve got about ten days to prepare. That’s going to be fun and I’m looking forward to it. Well, I am at the moment…..

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

I was thinking about this challenge and wondering how I was going to fulfil it this week seeing as I’m mainly a landscape and wildlife photographer. Of course these themes are always open to interpretation and I pride myself in being able to make any photograph fit a WordPress theme. Of course it might take a bit of lateral thinking on your part.


This one is easy, you can have two people, break it down a bit more and you can have 1 man and 1 boy, well I think it’s a boy but with hair like that who knows. Or how about 12 wind turbines, count them they are there. Break it down, each turbine has 3 blades, so that’s 36 in total. See this numbers game is easy and like I said, I can make any photograph fit the theme.

Mind the Steps

I can see 4 steps, 4 els, 4 esses, 6 ayes, and a few other things but whose counting. Oh! By the way this photograph was stolen last week and used in a Failbook post. Now I’m a generous sort of guy but you can’t use my photographs for commercial purposes without paying me mucho dinero so  had to insist that they take it down.

Right then, numbers here we go……Q8 kicking up a sandstorm.


911 – reminds me of the time I was in Charleston SC. The hotel access code  for direct dialling was 9, we had a number for cheaper international calls that went something like this (0)11 555 4444. Of course I kept dropping the 0, you can guess the rest.


Number 9 – that was the number of a laxative pill given to British servicemen during WW2. No symbolism here.


88 in mid-flight


14 just coming in to land


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