Is This The End?

Ever since the terrible decision to end the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge I have found my interest in blogging slowly but surely starting to wane. To the point that I'm not blogging at all. I have been considering what to do about Say It with A Camera and have come up with several options  just... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Zemanta

For years I have used Zemanta to suggest Related Articles for my blog post and it has always served me well. Mainly I look for other WordPress bloggers who are taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenges and include them as Related Articles. Usually Zemanta would return links to about twenty or thirty weekly challenge... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

In all the time I have been writing for “Say It With A Camera” I’m pretty certain that I’ve only ever used my photographs for the Weekly Challenges. After all that’s what the blog was about. To show you my photographs and tell you about them. Over the years I have used lots of photographs,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

First of my apologies if any of you were inconvenienced by test emails sent out whilst I was trying to correct the problem with Windows Live Writer bein unable to download my blog theme. The problem has not been resolved but the Happiness Engineers seem to think that it’s a problem with WLW. I on... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I was thinking about this challenge and deciding what photographs to use this week. So I’m going to take you back to 2004 when I first bought a digital camera. A little Fuji S304, cost me an arm and a leg, but it opened up so many new possibilities for my photography. It’s still in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Since last weeks challenge I have hardly stopped, but annoyingly photography has not been the focus of my attention. I did manage a few photographs for my 52 Challenge but that was more by luck than planning. Unfortunately, I'm still pretty busy so this weeks post will have to be a short one According to... Continue Reading →

52/2013 Week 5

Typical, you wait a long time for a bus and then three number 7’s turn up at the same time…and it sort of like that this week on Mike Hardisty Photography. I’ve been quiet all week and now I’m posting another article only just having finished the Weekly Photo Challenge. As you probably know by... Continue Reading →

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