52/2012 Week 10

Talacre Beach Lighthouse from the sand dunes

I’m finally getting over the stomach bug I’ve had for two weeks and am starting to eat properly again. To celebrate I paid a visit to my favourite bit of local coastline, Talacre Beach and Point of Ayr. My intention was to get a good walk in the fresh air and follow the coastal path through the wildfowl reserve, taking photographs of any birds I saw with a 500mm lens attached to the camera.

Now when I’ve got the 500mm lens attached to my main camera it’s not much use for anything other than long range close-ups. So I always carry a little point and shoot for back-up in case I see anything else of interest, such as a  good landscape or maybe the sun setting if I’m late enough out. Anyway, on the way back I detoured to the lighthouse and managed to grab this photograph with the p+s from the top of the sand-dunes.


9 thoughts on “52/2012 Week 10

  1. I am so glad you are feeling better and got out for a walk. Especially since you were able to get a beautiful shot of this lighthouse. I love and collect them. In fact I am going on a tour in July to visit some of them on the east coast here in the U. s.



  2. Congrats on feeling better, Mike. Oh, how I’d love to go wading in the sand. That lighthouse looks like it’s seen a lot in it’s days. Charming. Great shot. 🙂


  3. Hi Mike

    Chuffed you are feeling a lot better now and getting out and about. Good work from you again. Who’s the guy on the lighthouse then? Mate of yours? Lol

    Cheers Mike.

    PS: Doing to Birmingham run again on Tuesday.!!! Sad times.


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