Sliders Sunday – 8th April

Saint Melyd's Church, Meliden, North Wales

For this weeks Sliders Sunday I am using the old church in Meliden, North Wales.

To get the look first thing I did was create an HDR Image from a bracket of 3 exposures (-2 to +2). Post processing in Photoshop consisted using a combination of NIK Color Effects and Topaz Adjust, finally finishing up with some textures to give me that dark grungy look.

First of all the NIK Filters. I used Glamour Glow and Midnight to give a more dreamy look. From Topaz adjust I used the detail filter just to bring some definition back.

Next I added some filters from Shadowhouse Creations, if you are into textured work you should really check out Jerry’s great textures and tutorials. As always, if you use any of Jerry’s textures then give credit, it’s only fair.

Finally a new layer, blend mode overlay, fill 50% grey and a lot of dodge to bring back some of the highlights. Oh! I nearly forgot, a text layer just to say what the church is called.

Sliders Sunday is a Flickr Group devoted to having fun pushing those sliders in your digital photography program. Group rules are quite simple

  1. You are not allowed to post SOOC pictures
  2. You should have had fun experimenting with processing the picture you post
  3. You can only post on Sunday
  4. You must describe or tag your shot as intended for this group by either describing your processing or by tagging it HSS or “sliders sunday.”
  5. Please take a moment and comment on other group members
  6. One Shot per Week

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